A Final Word About Submissions

Each contributor has or at least should have received an email from me regarding the status of their work.

As difficult as this is to convey over a screen, with my hand on my heart in gratitude, I just want to express my sincere Thanks for the time and heart each person gave for their art, letter, poem, and essay.  It was one of the most difficult tasks of my life! to choose and separate and ponder the vision of each submission.

This project is not about the best writing, the best grammar, and punctuation.  It’s not about which piece was “best” or how each one compared to the last.  This project is about healing.  And the process as a collaborative editor is not to say which is best or on top, but which ones speak in harmony.  Each piece was about finding its place, like a puzzle.

Measure your work not by what I say or decide.  Its value is found in what YOU put into it.  The life you put into words.

For the bravery and love you put out there for other survivors and for this project, my deepest, and most heartfelt thanks.

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