Respond to Dear Sister!

Do you have a story of strength and hope you’d like to share?  Tell us a story about being a survivor, an ally, a piece of wisdom you can offer other survivors who may be struggling.

Writing Prompts and Themes

The first time you laughed as a survivor

An epiphany about hope or resilience

How your community supported you through your healing

Redefining justice and finding wholeness

Spiritual connection to mental wellness

Sexuality & Healing


A transformative person in your life

Parenting perspectives

Reproductive Justice


Submit your poem, letter, photo, or essay (no more than 1000 words) to  We will let you know within two weeks if your piece will be featured on the blog.   Thank you for your voice!


If you’d like to express your message using film or photography, take a look at the book trailer on Vimeo and offer a response video!  Use the tag “Believe Survivors” or if you’re on Twitter #BelieveSurvivors.

One thought on “Respond to Dear Sister!

  1. […] also working on the Foreword for Lisa Factora-Brochures’ forthcoming anthology Dear Sister: An Anthology of Letters and Essays for Survivors of Sexual Violence, Written by Other S… This sacred collection of letters and essays is a powerful offering of love and healing from […]

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