Summer Peaks

July is a big push.  Can you hear what’s being birthed?

For me, it’s the sound of 40 contributors going through their final edits in the next several weeks.  I’m beyond excited.  I have heard so much goodness and healing occuring because of radical conversations centering on healing – inch by inch, day by day – and sharing their story with those who need to hear it.

For July, I have taken a personal hiatus from social media (Facebook) and socializing in general (good bye weekends) and restricting my time in the evenings after my son goes down for the night, to serious communication with the contributors.  With 39 writers and 1 artist, it’s a tall order to have everything and everyone in order by August 1st, but I’m an ambitious one.  And, most importantly, I believe it can and will be done.

By August, the words will be in the final stages and I’ll be knocking on the doors to publishers.  With all of my heart, I believe this work that is being done is not only necessary, but sacred.  And what is sacred will be held with steady hands and hopeful hearts.

May July be with you!

One thought on “Summer Peaks

  1. Yeah! Happy editing :-). Excited to be part of this project.

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