I Can Promise

I cannot promise it will be selected for the anthology,

but I can promise it will be held with love and careful hands.

I cannot guarantee it will change the world, or even the world of one,

but I can guarantee its words will be transformative.

I can’t promise perfection, I promise it will move your spirit.

Dear Sister is not about magic, it’s about healing.

It will never be about avoidance or dancing around the issue,

it will always be centered on love, need, truth-telling, and the power of the narrative.

I cannot assure you of anything except remind you that the time you spend talking about how you wish you could do one thing to help another person could be spent writing a letter to uplift a human soul.

I can confirm more than the reception of your submission.  I can confirm that it will be read with open, wide eyes. 

The editing will be a collaborative relationship.  This project is about healing and voice and the process will reflect that.

I hope that answers your questions and maybe provides a temporary seat for your fear so you sit in your own chair

and write.

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