Natur(e)al Surprises

I took this photo yesterday.

Driving around for a series of errands on a crisp and beautiful autumn day, I knew that it was a high chance of photographing simple but beautiful pieces of scenery purely by chance.  I was right.

I ended up at a donated farm turned research center for organic farming.  As beautiful as the farm was, I couldn’t help but marvel at how close this place was to my home.  Not any more than 20 minutes, maybe, and yet I felt I was in another world.  Not one car, not one living soul walking.

It’s always a beautiful thing to be taken aback by nature in the hidden spots in your hometown that still have some strange power to lure you in a new direction and surprise you with its secret beauty.

Have you ever found yourself in old but new territory?  A place that wasn’t on the map but surprised you with its offering?  Have you ever been pleasantly surprised at your hometown and what it can offer you?  Ever find an unknown spot in your community where peace and wisdom found?

Perhaps for today’s writing prompt you can think of a place in your hometown that still catches your breath when you see it.  Maybe you’ve never seen it before.  Maybe you’ve seen it a hundred times already.  But, is there a place close to where you live that sets your heart on fire?  A place that makes you feel you need to genuflect in its natural reverence?  Where is it and, more importantly, what did you find there?

One thought on “Natur(e)al Surprises

  1. mutedeafandinvisible says:

    Such a beautiful pic!!

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