A Letter Only You Can Write

Our lives are like DNA, no two prints are the same.   And while some experiences share similarity, our reaction and decisions on how to process those experiences are never identical.

Not just writers, but we, everyday people, often forget that we have the only signature to our lives.  There is no one else that can write what you need to write.  Someone may have similar thoughts or follow a cognitive pattern in line with yours, but no one can express the way you do.  And if you choose not to express, those words and ideas and potential die with the decision to remain inactive.

Write.  Write not for the anthology, but for yourself.  Write for your own healing.  Write for someone else’s healing.  Write for your sanity.  Write for your pleasure.  Write not to get published, but for practicing self-permission.  Write out of the hunger to preserve your passing winds of inspiration.  Write some.  Write all.  Just write.

Claim the authorship of your life and believe in the voice that compels you to write your name on the wall of humanity that only you can sign.

“I was here.”

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