Dear Sister Excerpt in UTNE: Childbearing 101 for Sexual Abuse Survivors

IMG_4301It’s difficult to express how great it is to see excerpts of the anthology featured in different publications. But when this particular piece by Brooke Benoit made its way onto UTNE, a special gratitude coursed through.  Brooke’s piece is about the birthing process for survivors of sexual violence.  It’s a terrific piece and a topic that is so rarely addressed. If it gets enough traffic, this essay will be included in their print version and reach even more readers, so PLEASE go give some time to this article and push the traffic!

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Respond to the Dear Sister Anthology with Your Own Work!

The book trailer is finished! Take a look here for the video with an invitation to submit your own response to the Dear Sister Anthology in either word or clip!

Here are your options:

1. Write a piece for this website!  Submit a letter (no more than 1000 words) to  You can use links, photos, poetry, or any creative nonfiction style to express hope and strength about survival.  The central focus is on hope, no re-telling of trauma, so be sure to center your work on what you would another survivor to know.

2. Submit a video response, or a creative work using film.  Use the tag on Vimeo or YouTube (Dear Sister) or if you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #DearSister.  Videos should be no longer than 1 minute and we encourage you to be as creative as possible!  Tell a story, share a poem, sing a song, express your hope, create a slideshow, explore animation or other film artistry to tell your uplifting message.

Other ways to support the anthology:

-Buy the book!  Gift it to yourself, a friend, a stranger.  Leave it in coffee shops, waiting areas of gas stations, dentist offices, or on a park bench.  Donate it to local coalitions, non profits, your local library.  Circulatethe work and make sure it gets to the places where it needs to go.  It’s available at AK Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

-Give it a review! (We’re sure it’ll be a great one, of course :) ) Go on Amazon, GoodReads, or Barnes and Noble and rate it with comments.  Tell others how it was helpful and why they should read it.

-Use it in book clubs!  April is sexual assault awareness month, but you don’t need a specific time to talk about issues of power, relationships, healing, and justice.  The editor of the anthology, Lisa Factora-Borchers, can also SKYPE into one of your meetings to talk about the genesis of the project and contribute to your group discussion.

-Circulate the news on social media!  Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Four Square to spread the news about this collection.  Got a blog?  Write a review of the book, or tell people what you think about it.  Write an Op-Ed for your local paper about what you think the community needs to do to better address issues of healing and safety for survivors in your community.

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New York City Launch

It was an AMAZING launch. Who would expect anything less from New York City?  Thanks to the great folks at Bluestockings for hosting us.  It was packed and we couldn’t fit enough folks along the aisles (not able to show in the pics!) and the added chairs around the bookstore. In the picture below, the readers were (L to R): Aishah Shahidah Simmons (foreword), Sydette Harry (“Special), myself, and anna saini (“An Unlikeable Survivor”).

IMG_5157 IMG_5160

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The Dear Sister Anthology Book Tour Continues!

We’re going to be hitting up the southern Ohio universities this week!

After some great events at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, we’ll be at Xavier University tomorrow, University of Cincinnati on Tuesday and Wright State University on Thursday!

A lot of Buckeye love going on.  Join in the conversation!

We’re also glad to see that we’re making news too!

Filipino Press Pic

Vancouver Reading

Expresses a lot what’s going on.  Action hands, lots of talking in warm activist corners of the world.

On The Road with The Dear Sister Anthology


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